The benefits

  • Cross training leads to freedom

    I am a firm believer in cross training and after years of practicing various movements forms and performing and teaching around the world, I have created this synthesis between Contemporary dance, yoga , aerial, oriental dance and waving. Today this Movement Analysis course is on of the fundamentals to understanding and reading bodies, creating dynamics, precision in the body... it is an one of the keys to the Yoga Dance Air method.

  • A strong foundation for the long run

    As a beginner mover you will benefit from this course as you improve your understanding of movement. You can learn faster. If you are an analytical person, this will help you a lot. For Advanced movers, you will rediscover what you know with new word and perspectives, allowing you to gain a sense of renewal and endless creativity. It will will help you gain self confidence in your practice, as a researcher of movement (whether it is dance yoga or fitness ...etc) and as a performer. For teachers you will also be able to gain more tools to help your students, read their bodies better, find more tools to count, to define your moves better.

  • Faster learning, efficiency, self confidence

    The benefits you will gain in this course * Be smarter as a mover as well as with your body than with your brain * gain years ! * get to knwo yourslef better as a mover * get creative by changing your usual path * have tools to communicate better about movement

Join me for the "Smart Mover" course!

Are you tired of learning too slow? choreographing too slow?

Course curriculum



I am feeling more confident, creative and stronger.

Navya (India)

"Going through Anasma's course program,for me, at its core is giving me the permission to be myself and confront my fears. It is helping me to cut the crap and start working on myself . As I go through her videos and her fortnightly calls, I find a need to push myself but being extremely patient and understanding to myself. I am now looking forward to making the next mistake (or not ) but definitely to pick myself up again. The technique introduced is very scientific and focus on being safe with your body, respecting it and figuring out yourself one day at a time. I am feeling more confident, creative and stronger. Thank you so much Anasma! "

A super program for health, personal development and growth

Amira (Germany)

Anasma is not only an outstanding renown dancer and international top-notch performer ,she is an excellent dance teacher (bellydance/contemporarydance/urban styles) and also ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher -and she is a wonderful, kind human being. Anasma is a source of knowledge: in many different dance genres ,she has a solid training and several degrees in dance and beyond . This program helped me already in the first month to bring my dance to the next level . I feel enormous progress in my body awareness, my physical strength and my technique. I’m motivated and inspired. It’s amazing to have the chance now to study online with her ! You benefit from her enormous experience. No matter if you are beginner or Pro: Anasma will bring you to the next level as a dancer /performer /teacher and beyond :it is also a super program for health ,personal development and growth .

Connection to ourselves

Helena (Ireland)

I felt starting with Anasma’s Yoga Dance Air was perfect for connecting to ourselves, breath and connection to core .

It took in consideration new mothers at all times and thats what I needed. Thank you!

Meher Malik (India)

Had a great time revisiting so much of this that I have studied in yoga and contemporary. But this time through a mother's eyes, new body awareness. Best part being it took in consideration new mothers at all times and thats what I needed. Thank you! My main goal was to come back into my body after having my baby. Three things i’ve learned : I can experiment with my breath when I move. There is no right or wrong Diaphragm down for spins :)

I nursed my body

Jodie (Thailand)

The Perinuem was my biggest take away, something for me to think and meditate about. I still have to work on it incorporate with the breathing and dance, but when I think of that word, the whole training appears like a rerun movie. Also how I nursed my body during the training. I did push my limit and I did manage to look after my body well, it was something I almost forgot - taking care of myself.

A new part of myself

Fabienne (Switzerland)

Anasma pushes us to and over the edge of our dance horizon, showing us new moves, new worlds and most important, she showed me a new part of myself.

So much material, wow!

Simone (Switzerland)

Thank you so much for sharing ! So much material, wow! I love the text summaries at the margin of the video - very helpful. I also like that each topic has its own video, so it is very easy to find sections if I want to replay them. I really like that you are exactly the same teacher in the videos that you are in normal class. <3

Change the shape of a dancer!

Serena (Italy)

Breath with the mouth, do it with intention and enjoy what you’re doing. Those things really can change the shape of a dancer!

Ça m'a fait le plus grand bien

Claire (Lyon)

Merci Anasma . Ça m'a fait le plus grand bien. Une parenthèse dans le quotidien de calme et de douceur qui permettait de commencer la semaine du bon pied.

Ta pédagogie est thérapeutique

Severine (Paris)

Tu m'as appris bcp de choses Anasma..ta pédagogie est thérapeutique. Tu prends soin, tu m'as aidé à oser, à prendre confiance et conscience de mon corps avec amour. J'ai dépassé des limites grâce à toi et je me suis sentie de plus en plus à l' danse également ça a été super! Tu es souvent dans mes pensées.

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