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​​Nourish your body, mind and soul. Access a full library of professionally-led Yoga Dance Air videos: learn dance and yoga basics, creative tools, beginner to advanced flows. Re-invent your yoga in an dancey and artsy way. A perfect balance between staying centered and connected to the world. A mix between finding inner peace, sensations, breath and keeping a heathly dose of challenge, growth, performance and aethestic expression. Be guided by Anasma, a top-notch artist invited to teach and perform her fusions all over the world.

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Here are examples of chapters and classes

Why Yoga Dance Air?

You are bored in your current yoga practice and need new inspiration. Wether you are a motivated beginner, experimented mover or teacher.

You want to bring movement in your daily life. You believe movement is medicine. Keep it flowing.

You want to take care of yourself, take a moment to pamper yourself.

You want to become more flexible and strong. You wish to build strong foundations for a healthy lengthy movement journey.

You have always dreamed of dancing (more) but never took the time to go into it. You want to connect to your inner artist and creative genius. Even though it might not be your job.

You appreciate a healthy dose of challenge, going out of your confort zone, you are not the type to sit down and just meditate. You need to keep that body moving.

You cannot « just work out and sweat », you need it to be artistic and beautiful.

You love a concrete practice, anchored in the reality of physics and anatomy.

You got injured or stopped your practice for a few months or years and need to get back to movement without hurting yourself. You need to slow down, you have pushed too much in the past, it is time to be gentle and kind on yourself.

You are looking for a fun yoga dance class, where the teacher brings the best out of you while taking you out of your confort zone with respect and kindness.

You might be pregnant and you love moving. Or you want to get back in motion after giving birth.

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Membership benefits

Here is what you will enjoy most by joining the YOGA DANCE AIR online school.


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​​Stream YOGA DANCE AIR on any of your devices, wherever you are.

Available for TV platforms and apps



Yoga Dance Air® Earth ingredients


​​In module 1, we learn each thing separately. Enjoy content designed for you. There’s something for every level, every goal, every mood. Whether you come from Dance or from Yoga, take the best of both worlds. From motivated beginner to dedicated aficionados and to teachers.

Module 1 is currently available in English.


Yoga Dance Air® Earth RECIPES


In module 2, we learn how to string everything together. From quick flows to full length classes, you can follow me and learn by going in my movement pathways. I will also give you loads of creative tools to create your own variations, for a fun, endlessly inspired practice. I promise you will never get bored again.

Module 2 is currently available in English.

IN MODULE 2, you will find:

Choreographies, Demos, Creative tool box, Full classes



Open your wings & fly

If you love flying, I give the tools to transpose your Yoga Dance Air in the skies. We use Yoga Hammocks and Yoga Trapeze.

Module 3 will soon be up in French.



For mommies who love moving

Being pregnant is a blessing. It is a time to slow down. Prep for the big day.

A birth ends a cycle and represents the start of a new chapter. As our body changes, our mind shifts and our heart expands. We make space for baby to arrive… in our head, in our body, in our soul…

Then baby arrives. And along with him, a new body, a new family, new responsibilities, a new schedule and changing priorities. Everything changes. Our certainties are gone.

I would love to offer classes for pregnant women and new mommies as a bubble, a space to prepare, to regroup, to share, to be. We need to take good care of the mommy in order for them to take good care of baby.

Module 4 is already available in French. Watch the content of the chapter here.

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Start deepening your movement journey now.

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Meet Anasma, Founder of Yoga Dance Air®

"I come from multicultural family, and got my degree in Business Management... My all time dream and passion was to become a dance choreographer.

Age 23, I jumped in the unknown and became one of the top performers and teachers in my field of Dance Fusion. I have been invited ever since to teach thousands of students and to perform in 5 continents.

Eternal learner, and I got more degrees... Contemporary Dance Teacher degree, E-RYT200 Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, De Gasquet Pre and post-natal, Yoga Trapeze, Fly Yoga...

However, after two almost burn out doing what I love most, and after two pregnancies, I also learned how to balance my passion for Dance with the serenity, grounding, centering, kindness and physical health oriented approach brought by Yoga.

Today, this is what I want to bring to you. Help you make your movement dreams come true, while creating balance and cultivating joy. Help you connect to your inner artist, and find your own unique voice.

What are people saying

"I loved learning with Anasma… no matter how daunting the movement looks at first, she has a wonderful way of breaking it down and drilling it with you! Opened by eyes to the wonders of playing with dimensions and exploring your range! Sincerely recommended for all - you will fall in love with your body."



« Thank you for sharing your knowledge. In this few months with your online school my movement vocabulary really expanded. I like how all the academic terms are so well interwoven with practice, that I wasn't even aware at first how much I'm learning, not only (the moves) bodily, but also (the terms) intellectually, at the same time. You have also opened new doors for exploring different possibilities for yoga practice. »



"Going through Anasma's course program, for me, at its core, is giving me the permission to be myself and confront my fears. It is helping me to cut the crap and start working on myself but being extremely patient and understanding to myself. The technique introduced is very scientific and  focus on being safe with your body, respecting it and figuring out yourself one day at a time. I am feeling more confident, creative and stronger. Thank you so much Anasma!"



"You can literally work for  hours each day. Anasma will bring you to the next level as a dancer, performer, teacher, artist and person !

I never felt so strong in my body as I do now & never thought my body has such a capacity at my age. This makes me proud. I learned a lot about foot placement, leg work, core & center. I feel safer in turns, creating a piece & choreographing. I have a better body awareness, & even if I already have a lot of knowledge in anatomy, I learned so much about anatomy applied to dance & movement! I have better connection to the space, the floor & the sky… which makes dance much more interesting & alive. The world needs you Anasma <3"




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a membership?

Membership includes access to an incredible catalog of videos, with topics as diverse as Yoga Dance Air Earth, Sky and Mamas.

Where can I watch the videos?

You can stream from any device (phone, tablet, computer), as long as you open your navigator (safari, firefox, chrome...)

Can I download some videos?

We have decided no to offer downloads for now for an easier management of content and no competition to our own monthly subscription. However, you can watch the content and enjoy it as long as you are signed up on our platform. You can also stop anytime.

What kind of classes will I find in the school?

You will find a big variety of classes and workshops. They are organised as such:

Module 1 - Technique

  • Fundamentals (breath, core, posture, space, movement analysis)

  • Conditioning (Power and strength, Flexibility, for every body part: arms, legs, back, core)

  • Key yoga moves done well (Balance, Power moves, Safe alinements, clean basics, hip placement)

  • Dance transitions (Waving, turns, jumps, isolations, traveling steps, floorwork)

  • Self care (morning and evening flow, self massage,...)

Module 2 - Artistry and alchemy: let's blend module 1

  • full classes

  • quick flows

  • choreographies, sequences

  • creative tools to explore on your onw

  • inspirational examples

Module 3 is dedicated to Aerial Yoga.

We take the Earth concepts and apply them in the Sky, to create Aerial yoga dance air flows. We invite the body in new sensations and fun new challenges.

Module 4 is prenatal and postnatal yoga.

For pregnant women, live a serene comfortable pregnancy, make space for baby, keep moving. For new moms, connect to your body, relief pains, take a time for yourself, practice with baby.

The videos range from 5 minutes to 90 minutes +.  I teach a creative vinyasa flow style of Yoga with a good dose of Dance. This means most classes will have a elements of yoga and dance. Some times I go in detail, sometimes we move in flow, connect postures together into a sequence using space and link them to the breath. My favorite way to flow!

Can I keep track of my progress?


The website keeps in mind which video you watched last. So if you are in the middle of a chapter, and need to interrupt the viewing for some reason, you can always get back to it.

Some videos are short and sweet and you can set the autoplay button to ease the viewing.

I am a beginner, can I join the Online School? 

Of course yes! Many classes and courses are beginner friendly.

Start from the breath work and conditioning.
In MODULE 1, you will learn here the foundations for a safe and creative long term practice. No better way to start safely your movement journey.

Prenatal and postnatal classes are also great for beginners.

We have created a beginner's playlist as well to help you start.

If you cannot find what ou need, let's set private classes at friendly rates so I can create the right content for you.

What should I wear?

You need to feel confortable. Fitted clothes are ideal.

Do I need equipment?

We work with the space we have. You are welcome to hav a mat.

Sometimes I use two blocks, elastics, little massage ball, a strap, and a swiss ball. But most of the time, I have no props. You can start today and use objects around you : cushion as blocks... Little by little you will figure out what you need.

For Aerial yoga, the equipment is a Yoga Hammock, Yoga trapeze and a mat.

You need 2 square meters to practice. For chapters as floorwork, turns and travel steps I recommend at least 5 to 6 square meters to be more confortable. And of course, if you are looking to build a stage performance, there is no such thing as practicing is a big studio. But most of the videos are recorded in my 6 square meters. Outdoors is also great inspiration.

What if I don't speak English or French?

A lot of content is in English, a lot of content is in French and some in bilangual. Of course if you speak both, this is amazing for you. You can even practice your French or English ;)

I am in the process of translating or filming the content in the other language. As of now, this takes time as a mommy with two kids but the content in each language gives you enough material to work with.

To find French classes, you can use the filters and choose your language.

By default everything is in English. So if you want classes in English simply navigate wherever you wish ont he website.

How can I do my 14-day free trial?

You will need to create a profile, then enter your credit card information. You will only be charged after 14 days. You can stop your subscription at any time.

How do I cancel?

If you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your membership at any time. Follow the prompts to cancel on the Billing page, and your membership will not renew.

You will be able to access your videos until the end of your payment period.

Please note there is no trial period. Satisfied or reimbursed within 14 days. Simply shoot us an e-mail

anasma @ yogadanceair . com

within your first 14 days of registration.

Is it possible to suspend temporarily my subscription?

You are going on vacation for a few weeks? If you decide to do this, please contact me

anasma @ yogadanceair. com

and letting me know how many months you wish to skip and which date you wish to start again.

The admin will manually pause your subscription for you and start it again.

Unfortunately, this is not something you can manage on your own.

Can I get a refund?

We offer refunds only the first 14 days as we offer a 14 day satisfied or reimbursed guarantee.

Past this delay, we will no longer offer a refund.

When you cancel, you get access to the videos till the end of your paid period. (so if you paid yearly, the videos will be accessible till the end of the year).

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